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Welcome to, the company that offers robotic solutions on all levels. We have specialized our products to biped robotics, offering solutions on both software, electronics and mechanical part of biped robotics. Biped robots are a great way to promote your business, introduce kids to physics and science, explore new techniques in robotics on research level or for use as fun and leisure in private homes. Welcome to an advanced world of humanoid robotics, welcome to Custombiped.

Are you seeking a robotic solution on software, electronics or mechanical level, then can help you. Our products concentrates around three different fields.

  • Custom solutions on biped robotics, where a part of a robot can be ordered to fit into your existing system.
  • Complete systems which covers two different robots, that is sold as a complete system.
  • Extended solutions, where you can request a specific feature ranging beyond our existing solutions

We offer complete solutions, ready to use as you receive it. The complete solutions covers two different robots that are unique in their own way.

[Image: Custombiped ONE.]

Custombiped ONE.

Custombiped ONE is a 56 cm high robot, with standard servo motors. It features a single on-board computer with complete interface to actuators and sensors. The software is a real-time UNIX kernel with implemented control, drivers and OS. For protection a hard compound of plastic surrounds the electronics. It is powered by two Lithium Polymer batteries, gives power for about 2 hours of work. The robot is able to walk given certain inputs from the user, from a following joy pad. You can read more about Custombiped ONE here.

Our second and most advanced robot is called Custombiped TWO. This robot features more powerful and reliable motors, with harmonic drive gears for compact, zero backlash design. The robot is taller and have more sophisticated control software, where it is possible to either control the robot from a joy pad or to let the robot explorer on its own. You can read more about Custombiped TWO here.

We further offer custom solutions, where you can order a specific part of the biped robot. These can be the mechanical-, hardware-, software-, plastic- and electrical design. Whatever you chose the part is designed so that it is ready to be implemented with your existing solution. As we are highly experienced in constructing complete solutions, this enables a modular approach to all design, where the design can be made to fit into most existing systems. Information on our custom solutions can be found here.

[Image: Custom designed mechanical parts.]

Custom designed mechanical parts.

If you want your robot to do something extra, we also offer extended solutions. This could be in the area of vision and artificial intelligence. Do you want you robot to be able to perform a certain task, required for the purpose of your robot, this is the place to get a solution. Tell us what you want and we will come up with a solution proposal. For this kind of solutions only the imagination is the limit. Read more about our extended solutions here.

Current Projects

Custombiped is a company in constant development. We always have a new ongoing project. At the moment we are working on our second complete solution, called Custombiped TWO. This robot is larger and more advanced than Custombiped ONE. You can read more about our current projects here.


We also offer engineering consulting on biped robot areas. If you have your own robot project, either ongoing or in the up-start phase, we can aid with engineering consulting. Based on our expertise we can help you with different problems you might enter. This can be design issue to more technical problems. We offer consultation within a wide range of areas. Read more about our consulting here.