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Electrical Custom Solutions

Our hardware solutions is taylor-made for your needs. We offer robots with a small central on-board computer for systems with low processing demands. But our solutions also ranges to systems with a centralized main processor communicating with decentralized processors in a distributed system, for those robots needing high processing demands

We use a wide range of actuators, depending on the price, power and scale of the robot wanted. For smaller robots where price is important, we use servo motors and titanium gears. The downside with servo motors is that they are more prone to wear out and furthermore the output torque/power is limited. With systems where power and life length is important we offer Maxon motors with harmonic gears.

Processing power on a biped robot is one of the most important parts. We offer two different concepts, depending on the needed processing power.
For the smaller systems we offer a wide range of centralized on-board computers (with one processor). The on-board computer in these systems holds interface to power supply, sensoring and actuators.
For larger systems we offer a system of distributed computers. One main processors handles communication within the distributed computers. It also contains the interface to the user of the robot. Lower level processors in the systems handles interface to actuators and sensors.

A wide range of sensors are available for out robots. For use as feedback to the controlof the robot, we recommend balance sensoring in the form of pressure sensors under the feet and gyroscope/accelerometer in the head. This comply with our vision of similarity with the human body, as the human balance highly rely on a balance sensoring in the inner ear. Sensoring can be extended with vision, either in form of a camera or a range sensor, depending of the application of the body.

We offer both on-board and external power supply. On-board power supply is achieved using recharchable Lithium Polymer batteries with a conversion to the required voltage levels. With an external power supply it is possible to connect a power cord to the robot for testing purposes.