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Software Custom Solutions

Open source software

Unix platform

Layered software, eneable distribution

Low level is drivers to actuators and sensors

Middle level is real-time, OS and control

High level is interface to user and behaviour


The control system handles the overall motion and stability of the biped robot. With system it is ensured that the robot maintain balance during stance, walk and work.

Our control system is layered in two and can therefor easily be distributed on several processors for optimization reasons. This further enables you to order either or both of the systems.

On the low-level of the control system is the handeling of fine motion servos and motors. This ensures smoth and precise movement of all limbs. This control level is designed to be faster than the upper-level control, as the upper-level control relies on the correct movement being executed in the low-level.

The upper-level of the control system ensures stability of the robot. Using a hybrid control scheme it is possible o maintain stability in several phases of the robots walk. This is needed since the control scheme is not the same when standing and walking.

Both upper and lower-level control relies on both internal models and feedback from sensors. When using models, internal states can be used as feedback to increase stability and precision. Feedback from sensors is used to make the robot able to respond to changes in the surronding environment.